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SURFING IN Stinson Beach, California, USA

About an hour drive North from San Francisco is the surf spot of Stinson Beach, California, USA.  This is the epitome of Northern California surfing beauty.  Your non-surf companions will love it to as there is endless exploring on the beach, in the tide pools, and on the hiking trails that braid up and down the coastline here.


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Thick Wetsuit (Hood, Gloves, Boots seasonally)

Ambience:  Big long wide-open beach with tasteful houses and condos along the edges.  There are a bunch of food places on the south end of the beach.  Can get crowded, especially on a nice sunny weekend.

Main Surf Spot:  Stinson Beach

Link to current conditions: Surfline


Public Parking:  Yes.  Parking Located Here

Public Showers:  Yes same location as parking.

Public Restrooms:  Yes same location as parking.  

Transportation:  Need a car.

Nearest Airport:  San Francisco (SFO)

Alternative Surf Spots

Rodeo Beach - much closer to the city



Sandpiper Lodging at the Beach


The Siren Canteen

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