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Surfing in the Los Angeles Area & Los Angeles Surf Locations Map (Ayúdame a traducir esta página al español)

Los Angeles has some of the best surfing on the West Coast.  Sometime it takes wading your way through some of the ugliest traffic in America to get to the best surf spots but the surf usually is worth the work.

The surf is biggest and most powerful in the winter.  Spring and Fall can have some epic days as well.  Summer is usually pretty mellow with the occasional surf swell rolling in.

The water here is generally on the colder side, even in the summer.  Best to bring a wetsuit at all times of the year just in case.

Best Los Angeles Surf Beaches:

Hermosa Beach

Huntington Beach

Newport Beach

Dana Point

San Clemente

Los Angeles Interactive Surf Map:

The Los Angeles Area Surfing Map on this page is interactive.  Click on the label and it will take you to the full Surf Traveler Guide page with all the detail about this surf spot - parking, bathrooms etc...

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