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Surfing in Crescent Beach, Washington, USA

This is a very unique and VERY finicky surf spot.  It's technically not on the ocean, but in the Straight of Juan de Fuca.  For this spot to pump, the conditions need to be just right.  The swell needs to be coming from the North, not just a little from North, a lot.  But if you catch it on a good day it is a magical place as it's protected from the wind that typically whips the Washington coastline.  Bring a paddle board if you have one because if you miss time the swell and it's flat, there are some amazing places to paddle in this little bay.


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Wetsuit, gloves, hood, booties

Ambience:  Very nice beach that is good for walking and playing.  Note that the western parts of the beach are private property - respect this!  The RV park here is great for camping.  They have a couple cabins here too.

Main Surf Spot:  Crescent Beach

Link to current conditions: Magic Seaweed


Public Parking:  Yes.  Park here.  You can also park down the road at the RV Park but you have to pay a day fee.  

Public Showers:  Yes.  There are coin operated showers at the RV Park.

Public Restrooms:  Yes.  Same location as parking.

Transportation:  Need a car.

Nearest Airport:  Nearest Airport:  Seattle (SEA).

Alternative Surf Spots

La Push - Rialto Beach.  This is a long drive from Crescent (1.5 hours) but very scenic area.



All View Motel

Crescent Beach & RV Park


Next Door Gastropub

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