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SURFING IN Marina State Beach, California, USA

If you want to get a sense of what the California coast line was like before people showed up, this beach will give you a taste of what it was like.  Big long windy beach surrounded by dunes and cliffs.  You also get to watch the paragliders take off right from the parking lost and soar out over the ocean.   


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Thick Wetsuit (Hood, Gloves, Boots seasonally)

Ambience:  Minimal crowds and lots of room to spread out.  Gets very windy in afternoon you will find much better surf conditions in the morning.  Can get foggy in the morning and cool.  Bring food and water, nothing much close by.

Main Surf Spot:  Marina State Beach

Link to current conditions: Surfline


Public Parking:  Yes and free (no pass required).  Parking Located Here

Public Showers:  No.

Public Restrooms:  Yes.  

Transportation:  Need a car.

Nearest Airport:  San Jose (SJC)

Alternative Surf Spots

Moss Landing State Beach - Another great raw nature beach.  Free parking no pass required.  Porta potties, no showers.







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