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Surfing in North Santa Cruz, California, USA

There are many great spots to surf in North Santa Cruz.  Keep in mind that there are lots of surfers in Santa Cruz of all levels - all the way up to some of the pros that live there.  So be respectful in the waves and only surf the spots that are inline with your level.

Surf Spots

Break Type:  Beach/Reef

Gear: Thick Wetsuit

There are some great spots North of Santa Cruz stretching up as you travel up Route 1.  The sites listed below are organized from closest to furthest from town.  

Four Mile BeachPark here and follow the trail (it's about a 1/4 mile) to the beach.  This is a beautiful cove that is off the beaten path and away from highway car noise.  Your non-surfing friends will love it too.  There are no showers and restrooms.  Link to current conditions: Magic Seaweed 

Bonny Doon BeachPark here and cross the railroad tracks down to the beach.  This is a small little cove and the surfing can be tricky as there are some big rocks to navigate but for the more advanced crowd it's a great choice.  Nice quiet beach to sit on too.  There are no showers and restrooms.

Davenport Landing BeachPark here and your right at the beach.  This is a quiet spot that is away from the highway noise.  There are bathrooms, but no showers.  Link to current conditions: Magic Seaweed 

Scott CreekPark here and head to the beach. This is a long wide open beach.  Lots of beach break spots.  Be careful of the strong rip tide - especially with the non-surfers.  Link to current conditions: Magic Seaweed 

Check out the Santa Cruz Area Map

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