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Growing up on the East Coast, my idea of the beach was lots of crowds, music blaring from boom boxes, boardwalks, and beer-swilling parents yelling at their kids.  In other words, tons of fun!  Ocean Shores is the antithesis of this - except for the tons of fun part.  You won't find a big crowd on these beaches, just lots of surf (and lots of wind).  There is a section where people can drive cars on the beach too which is tons of fun but keep one eye open if you decide to nap on this section of beach!


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Thick Wetsuit, Hood, Gloves, Boots

Ambience:  Minimal crowds.  Big open beach at jetty.  

Main Surf Spot:  North Jetty

Link to current conditions: Magic Seaweed


Public Parking:  Yes.  Parking Located Here

Public Showers:  No.  

Public Restrooms:  No.

Transportation:  Need a car.

Nearest Airport:  Seattle, WA, USA  (SEA)

Alternative Surf Spots

There is also a break at Damon Point.  But it only is working when waves are 5-6 feet.  Good alternative if surf and wind is too big at North Jetty.  Park here.


Best Lodging:


Best Food:


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