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Surfing in Sri Lanka

Surfing in Sri Lanka is a nice mix of travel adventure, beautiful beaches, and wonderful surf.  The surf conditions in Sri Lanka are not as consistent as say Bali, but there are almost always surf waves somewhere in Sri Lanka.


For the surf adventurer traveling to Sri Lanka, my advice is to base your stay in a location/village that fits your style (are you looking for peace and quiet or the beach party scene?) and then try out a few different nearby spots.  Often in Sri Lanka, I found that when one surf spot had bad conditions, just a few kilometers down the road was another surf spot with great conditions.  This may be because  the coastline of Sri Lanka curves in and out with lots coves and points.


The good news is that it is easy to find a tuk-tuk (little 3-wheeled motor cabs) and the drivers are generally honest and friendly - many are specially equipped with racks to transports surfers and their boards.  Try to find a driver that knows some of the local surf spots - it will be worth every Sri Lankan Rupee you pay.  

Best Surf Beaches in South Sri Lanka:

Marissa Beach

Midigama Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach

Lakshawaththa Beach

Hiriketiya Beach

Unakuruwa Beach

South Sri Lanka Surf Map:

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