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Surfing in Sri Lanka - Lakshawaththa Beach

Surfing in Lakshawaththa Beach will take you back in time - it is quiet and less crowded then some of the other spots in South Sri Lanka.  This is a open beach break (great for bodysurfing and surfing).  The surf shifts around here depending on where the sand bars decide to settle in, but there is lots of spots to explore up and down the beach.  The beach itself, while beautiful, is quite undeveloped with just a few food and lodging options.  If you and you surf companions are looking for peace and quiet, this is a great choice.  You can always go into the loud and bustling city of Matara, which is just a few kilometers away.


Break Type:  Beach/Reef.  

Gear: Trunks and rash guard

Ambience:  This is a nice beach for walking and hanging out.  Your non-surfing companions will love it.   

Main Surf Spot:  Lakshawaththa Beach

Link to current conditions:  Magic Seaweed


Public Parking:  Just find a patch of dirt close to the beach.

Public Showers:  No.

Public Restrooms:  No.

Transportation:  Do yourself a favor and get a driver.  The streets are very crowded and I don't recommend driving.  My tuk-tuk driver Sameera was awesome and knew all the good spots, you can contact him through WhatsApp +94 71 586 5999.

Nearest Airport:  Colombo International Airport (CMB)

Alternative Surf Spots

Madiha Surf Point:  This must be a good spot because all the locals kept talking about it as the place to find big waves, but the day I went it was blown out.  But probably worth checking out.


Lodging:  The Seascape 

Food:  Very limited options so if you come for a day trip bring food and water.

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