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Surfing in Makapuʻu Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Makapuʻu Beach, Oahu, Hawaii is really more of a boogie board and body surf location.  In fact don't surf here with a board because there are too few places that are bodysurfing only.  But if you are on Oahu in the area this is definitely worth a visit to do some bodysurfing.


Break Type:  Beach

Gear:  None, well trunks of course.

Ambience:  Small beach in a scenic spot.  Watch the hang gliders jump off the cliff above you.

Main Surf Spot:  Makapuʻu Beach

Link to current conditions: Surfline


Public Parking:  Yes.  Park here.

Public Showers:  Yes.  Showers here.

Public Restrooms:  Yes.  Same location as showers.

Transportation:  Need a car.

Nearest Airport:  Oahu airport (HNL)

Alternative Surf Spots

Sandy Beach (bodysurfing - very intense)




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