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Surfing in Chennai, India

Chennai, India is a big bustling city but not far away are some fun and exotic surf spots.  This report is for Mahabalipuram which is about an hour from the Chennai airport.


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Trunks

Ambience:  The beach is tucked right next to the town.  There are a temple at the end of the beach.  The beach is not the cleanest I've been too and the water is a little polluted but not terribly so.  Just try not to swallow too much of it.  Definitiely travel with some Imodium or your preferred diarrhea medicine.

Main Surf Spot:  Mahabalipuram

Link to current conditions: Surfline


Public Parking:  Street parking.

Public Showers:  No.  

Public Restrooms:  No. 

Transportation:  Do yourself a favor an get a driver.  The streets are very crowded and I don't recommend driving.  If you stay in the resort here, take a tuk-tuk to Mumu Surf School.  Put in here are surf back to the resoirt.  You can do this all day!

Nearest Airport:  Chennai (MAA).

Alternative Surf Spots

Kovalam Beach - about 20 minutes to the north.



Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram


Many options in town.  Go for grilled fish prepared simply.

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