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SURFING IN Newport, Oregon, USA

Newport is a laid back coastal village with lots of fun surf and exploring to choose from.  After you spend time in the surf, check out the Devil's Punchbowl, a very unique geological feature just north of Otter Rock. 


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Thick Wetsuit, Hood, Gloves, Boots

Ambience:  Big open beach, crowded in summer.  

Main Surf Spot:  Otter Rock - just north of Newport.

Link to current conditions: Magic Seaweed


Public Parking:  Yes.  Parking Located Here or find street parking

Public Showers:  No.  

Public Restrooms:  Yes.  Restrooms located here.

Transportation:  Need a car.

Nearest Airport:  Portland, OR, USA  (PDX)

Alternative Surf Spots

Otter Rock is the best spot for more experienced surfers.  For beginners check out Agate Beach.  It's a beautiful spot for your non-surfers to explore as well - lots of hiking and tidepools to explore.  Park here and follow the signs to Short Sands Trail all the way to the beach.  There are restrooms in the parking lot.


Best Lodging:

Starfish Point - nice condos right next to the beach.

Agate Beach Motel - cozy accommodations steps away from the surf. 

Best Food:

Lots of restaurants to choose from in town.   

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