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Surfing in Canguu Beach Bali, Indonesia

Bali is surfer heaven.  There are so many great spots, such a great local vibe from the friendly people, and a true spiritual feel even for the most strident non-believers.  Put it on your bucket list for sure.  The spot described here is Canguu Beach Bali, Indonesia.


Break Type:  Beach

Gear: Trunks and rash guard

Ambience:  This is a nice beach for walking and hanging out.  There are a few spots listed here.  My favorite is up the beach from old mans just in front of the Echo Beach Club. 

Main Surf Spot:  Canguu

Link to current conditions:  Surfline


Public Parking:  Street parking.

Public Showers:  No.

Public Restrooms:  No.

Transportation:  Do yourself a favor an get a driver.  The streets are very crowded and I don't recommend driving.

Nearest Airport:  Bali (DPS)

Alternative Surf Spots

Old Mans - better for long boards



Aston Canggu Beach Resort

Hotel Tugu Bali

COMO Uma Canggu


La Brisa Bali

Echo Beach Bar and Grill

La Baraaca

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