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Surfing in Sri Lanka - Hiriketiya Beach

If you commissioned someone to paint you a beautiful tropical beach tucked away in a small cove, it would look something like this place!  


Break Type:  Reef.  

Gear: Trunks and rash guard

Ambience:  This small cove has a nice beach and a few food and drink spots right on the beach.  The vibe here is very mellow and on the quieter side.  The closest village is Dickwella, which is a short tuk-tuk ride away if you need supplies etc...  Your non-surfing companions will love it.   

Main Surf Spot:  Hiriketiya Beach

Link to current conditions:  Magic Seaweed


Public Parking:  Just find a patch of dirt close to the beach.

Public Showers:  No.

Public Restrooms:  No.

Transportation:  Do yourself a favor and get a driver.  The streets are very crowded and I don't recommend driving.  My tuk-tuk driver Sameera was awesome and knew all the good spots, you can contact him through WhatsApp +94 71 586 5999.

Nearest Airport:  Colombo International Airport (CMB)

Alternative Surf Spots

Kudawella Beach:  If you really want to get off the beaten path and get a sense of what Sri Lanka was like 50 years ago, go here.  This is a long and stretching beach break that looked great one day and totally blown out on the next.  There are very limited options for food and lodging here and it, from what I could tell still undiscovered.  If you stay here you should really have a car for getting out and about, even tuk-tuks were hard to find.


Lodging:  Jasper House:  Clean and simple.

Food:  There are just a few cafes on the beach.

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